Husky & Smith, the brand started from a burden of creating a simple, elegant and unique footwear by fusing satorial fabrics and high quality leather together.

A high quality lux shoes, boots & assessories are as a result of traditional craftsmanship over the decades passed down from family generations. This is true for either manufacturing steps between blake-stitching and goodyear welt sole finishing. Majorty of these steps are still done by hand guided by appropriate machines.

Our hand selected calf skin leathers are from one of Italian oldest tanneries operating since 1800s, in the UK and other part of Europe.

All Husky & Smith footwear are fully lined with soft calf skin, 3-designed shoe lasts options (subjected to shoe style) and sizes ranges between UK5-16

You can also design your own pair of custom shoes with us. No middleman, just artisans! 100% flexibility to choose from design features such as beveled waist sole, goodyear welt, metal tips on the soles, add monograms.

Our Mission:
To create a premium footwear brand - a vehicle to reduce gender gap & in-equality within Africa Sub-Sahara's children especially among girls & women and influencing & transforming UK's inner city youths through sports (boxing etc)

What's "HUSKY & SMITH"? 
Husky meaning symbolises the journey to deliver high customers’ satisfaction is equally important if not more important than the footwear itself. We are able to achieve our purpose by becoming an elegant craftsmen, an artisans just like the blacksmiths, goldsmith etc during the iron & bronze age that changed the world with their hands and creativity.